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You inquired about the Crystal Dreams Spiritual Growth and Healing Centers Online Reiki Classes.

I offer a 4 week online course, you can work through this faster...if you have the time to. The class meets once a week for a live chat. There is an ongoing discussion list that you can post on 24 hours a day. A 24 hour chat room that you can go to talk with other students. The initiation/attunements are done one on one online in a chat format. Then a manual is mailed to you. The online course is based on the Reiki Manual you are sent.

The online course is set up to guide you through the course week by week. The online course includes a complete website with an online tutorial that has the class work for each week. Reminders are sent to help guide you through the week. Discussion on the class list is required. This process will help you to integrate what you are learning into your every day life. Deb has been teaching this course online for many years.With each class, new lessons were added to help the students in their learning process.

The course is very simple.

Once you complete the course, a certificate will be sent to you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Warmly, Deb

We will be starting a new Reiki classes soon and it would be great if you joined us.

If you have already submitted a form showing interest in our classes and you are ready to begin now, go directly to the payment form and you will be registered for the next class. Classes begin on the first of every month.

I Am Ready to Sign Up and Begin Now- All levels. Click on this link.

REIKI LEVEL 1 - this is for new inquiries. To get more information on the course sent to you.



For more information on the different levels of Reiki

Our main website is www.crystaldreams.cc

More info.:

If you want, I can attune you to Reiki online and then send the Reiki workbooks to you by mail. We will review this manual together.

The Reiki 1 and The Reiki 2 course includes:

*The initiation/attunement - opening you to the energy flow of Reiki

*Participation in our online tutorial.

*Participation in online study group - This is a group of Reiki practitioners who are learning together using our Reiki Manual. This list is only for our Reiki practitioners. It will be on a list format...so that there is no set specific time that you have to be online.

*Your Reiki manual is sent by mail (downloadable online soon)

*A nice looking Certificate of Completion for Reiki 1. ~Certificate will be Issued when student has completed the course and has paid for the course in full~

*We also have an ongoing online support and discussion group. - List Format on e-groups with a Chat room. This list is open to anyone wishing to share information on Reiki and other healing methods.

Prices and more detailed information is available at the Crystal Dreams web site.

If money is an issue, please let me know.

We can talk one on one in ICQ Here is my ICQ #45803935

I do the attunements online using a one on one chat room in ICQ, MSN, mIRC or AOL I can also use the AOL buddy chat. My username is DebReikiLady on AOL Chats on Reiki - contact me for more information I ask that you wear comfortable clothing and that you reserve 20 - 30 minutes of your time for the attunement.

I hope to see you in class. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have. Warmly, Deb Reasbeck Deb@CrystalDreams.cc of Crystal Dreams Spiritual Growth and Healing Center www.crystaldreams.cc




I am ready to begin and I would like to sign up for my class now.

In order to be enrolled you must also complete the payment link, towards the bottom of each page.


Reiki Level 1

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