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When paying for your course, click on "reiki &readings", so the order shows $0 for shipping.

There are no shipping charges, unless you want a physical manual shipped to you.

I will not charge you for this unless I have your permission to do so.


Reiki 1
Price: $175.00


Reiki 2

Price: $275.00


Reiki 1 & 2, an 8 Week Course
Price: $425.00


Reiki Level Three - Master Practitioner
Price: $400.00


Reiki Level Three - Master Teacher
Price: $875.00


Reiki Level One through Master Teacher
Price: $1500.00

A Discount is Given to Dedicated Students who

are ready to take all Levels at Crystal Dreams Reiki Classes Online.



I would have to feel confident in your abilities before training you for Master Level Reiki.

Paying for a class does not guarantee certification.

Certification must be earned.

It is not hard. Just do the homework and apply yourself and you will get your certificate.

These courses are very simple, they only require a little discipline to complete it in 4 weeks.

I have had children graduate this course. Youngest was 8 years old.



Reiki Class ~ Reiki Level 1


Reiki Class ~ Reiki Level 2


Reiki Class ~ Reiki Level 3



Spiritual Retreats - to be listed soon Sedona



If you have Any Problems with this order form, please e-mail me.

Thanks, Deb

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